GPW Other Activities

GPW performs mechanical work on pressure vessels , burners , boilers , conveyors , hydraulic and pneumatic systems , production machinery , fittings , winches , blowers , valves , etc.

For any machining operations, GPW a number of partners can be , if necessary on site at the client virtually any machining operations performed.

For induction bolt heating please contact us , this is a quick way to disassemble hollow bolts.

During disassembly and assembly , all findings , clearances and dimensions of all components are accurately reported.

The review, or to purchase new parts can by GPW be performed independently and / or care.

Work can be performed based on a fee or lump sum.

GPW bears , if desired ensure a complete assumption of Turn-Around/Stop :

  • Prepare a Scope of Work.
  • HSE plan.
  • Work preparation and planning.
  • Implementation of the Scope with its own supervisors.
  • Commissioning and acceptance protocol.
  • Putting into operation.
  • Final report digital and writing to client.

Also, GPW mechanics for simpler tasks such as flange mounting, simple construction, tinker activities , etc.

Torque is possible up 50.000NM with own torque tool , it is necessary to achieve higher torque? Then GPW hires the required torque tool . All these tools are tested and calibrated according to the standards defined in the SCC version 2008/5.1 and according to the latest version of the ISO9001 .


  • GPW overhauls according to OEM- & customer specifications
  • International standards such as API 610 and ANSI.
  • Providing high quality is priority number 1.
  • The activities take place both in the workshop and on-site.
  • In addition, technicians deployed to all other forms of rotating.
  • All project-based work is equipped with a final report.