GPW Pumps

The pumps division operates from the workshop Stellendam, this workshop is 400m² and consists of a clean and dirty work area. The workshop of GPW Turbine Support B.V. is strategically located with regard to the industrial areas Botlek, Europoort, Moerdijk, Vlissingen and Antwerp.

GPW Turbine Support B.V. is OEM-independent. Pumps are overhauled according to OEM-specifications, customer specifications, international standards like API 610 and ANSI. Delivering the best quality at GPW Turbine Support B.V. is number 1 priority. The workshop has a lifting capacity of 3.2 ton, heavy machinery may, in consultation divert to another location. All revision operations are equipped with digital and written final report.

Centrifugal pumps

Revision of:

  • Single Stage Overhung Pumps with bare shaft.
  • Single Stage Overhung Pumps Close Coupled/Stub shaft.
  • Magnetic driven pumps. (Single/Multi Stage)
  • In Between Bearing Axially Split Pumps. (Single Stage/Multistage)
  • In Between Bearing Radially Split Pumps. (Single Stage/Multistage)
  • Vertical Pumps. (Single Stage/Multi Stage)
  • Wet mounted Pumps. (Submersible pumps)
  • Vacuum Pumps. (Liquide ring)
  • Combitube Pumps.

Positive Displacement Pumps

Revision of:

  • Worm Pumps.
  • Gear Pumps.
  • Lobe Pumps.
  • Vertical Screw Pumps. ( Oil pumps steam turbines/ gas turbines)
  • Piston Pumps.
  • Vane Pumps.
  • Diaphragm Pumps.

Other Rotating

Revision of:

  • Small Turbines. (Coppus, KKK, Stork, Worthington, Nadrowski, ect.)
  • Gearboxes. (Straight Gear , Bevel Gear, Drives for Mixers)
  • Revision of Fans. (Fans with free shaft end and integral bearing, Fans close coupled, Airfan banks with or without pitch control)
  • Overhaul of Electric Motors in collaboration with a renowned partner, also ATEX certified EXE and EXD electric motors overhauled according KEMA/DEKRA standards.
  • Our own capacity in the field of electric motors is limited to the measurement, general inspections, replacement of bearings and minor repairs.

Other Activities:


  • Supplying parts for all brands of pumps and other rotating, new from OEM or newly created machined according to drawing.
  • Alignment using laser alignment equipment and/or dial gauges
  • Condition Monitoring. (trend measurements, monitoring rotating machinery)
  • Reverse engineering, build back to OEM-specifications (reconditioning) upgrading of pumps/modifications. (these activities are performed only by special request of the customer and written approval regarding engineering, material selection, processing times, etc.)
  • Take care of all common machining operations.
  • Converting packing pumps and agitators to mechanical seals.
  • Back building mechanical seals to packing pumps and agitators.
  • Take care of dynamic tests of pumps.
  • Test run/Adjust speed/Mechanical Trip/Woodward of small turbines.
  • Mapping of rotating machinery park through book and digital.
  • Contract rotating machinery park.
  • Various non rotating work in workshop and on-site.


  • GPW overhauls according to OEM- & customer specifications
  • International standards such as API 610 and ANSI.
  • Providing high quality is priority number 1.
  • The activities take place both in the workshop and on-site.
  • In addition, technicians deployed to all other forms of rotating.
  • All project-based work is equipped with a final report.