GPW Turbines

GPW Turbine Support B.V. performs complete overhauls to both low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure steam turbines.

During the disassembly and assembly findings, clearances and dimensions are all accurately protocolled

The overhaul/reconditioning parts are independently performand and maintained bij GPW Turbine Support BV

The work on auxillery equipment is also performed by GPW Turbine Support BV (control valves, oil pumps, etc.)

Some of the brands we work on:

  • Alstom
  • Siemens
  • Stork Laval
  • Brown Boveri Co.

On gas turbines, the following inspections can be performed:

  • Major Inspection
  • Hot Gas Pad Inspection
  • Combustion Inspection

Some of the brands and types we work on:

  • Alstom: Type GT8 en GT10
  • Siemens: Type V 94-2 en ST800
  • General Electric/Thomassen: Type Frame 5, 6B, 9B, 9E, 9FA.
  • Mitsubishi: Type MW-701-DS

Mechanical work on Generators:

  • Bearing inspections and repair.
  • Inspection and repair/replacement of the seals for both the H2 side and ATM side.
  • Inspection and repair/replacement of the labyrinths.
  • Disassembly/assembly/revision of the brush backs (with starter)

Spare Parts and other activities:


  • Supply of spare parts for Frame-gas turbines. (shroud blocks, nozzles , diaphragm seals, first stage nozzle ring etc.)
  • Supply of spare parts for steam turbines and other rotating ( new OEM or newly created machined according to drawing).
  • Care of all the common machining work (e.g. grinding shaft necks at bearing points and if adequate space performance in the machine) .
  • Frequently occurring is delivering new steam seal pakking segments.
  • Alignment with laser alignment or dial gauges.

Turn-Around/Stop Work

GPW Turbine Support B.V can perform the following roles during Turn-Around/Stop work:

  • Leveren van rotating monteurs op uitleenbasis voor een afgesproken bepaalde tijd.

Or the complete acceptance of the Turn-Around/Stop Works:

  • Preparation of a Scope of Work.
  • Work preparation and planning.
  • Execution of the scope of their respective supervisors and inspectors.
  • Examination and Commissioning protocol.
  • Commencement of operations.
  • Transfer to client trough transmission protocol.


  • GPW overhauls according to OEM- & customer specifications
  • International standards such as API 610 and ANSI.
  • Providing high quality is priority number 1.
  • The activities take place both in the workshop and on-site.
  • In addition, technicians deployed to all other forms of rotating.
  • All project-based work is equipped with a final report.