GPW Profile

GPW Turbine Support specialises in the overhaul and maintenance of steam and gas turbines for leading power companies in the Netherlands. The company also provides reconditioning and overhaul services for a variety of pumps and other rotating equipment. GPW Turbine Support is brand-independent and therefore has the ability to service turbines and pumps of any brand.

Needless to say, GPW Turbine Support provides all its clients with independent advice and support.

GPW Turbine Support is located in Stellendam, in close proximity of the Europoort and Botlek area, where many activities take place and will be taking place due to the construction of new power stations.

GPW Turbine Support provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combined with the technical expertise of our service engineers, this makes GPW Turbine Support a very reliable partner in the overhaul and maintenance of rotating equipment.

In addition to work performed onsite, GPW Turbine Support will provide any necessary repair or overhaul work following the inspection, such as the surfacing of turbine casings, the repair of blade carriers, the cylindrical grinding of generator seals, the overhaul of electric motors, and the alignment of pumps (using fixture laser equipment).

GPW Turbine Support serves all power companies as well as petrochemical companies and manufacturers of crop protection products.


  • GPW overhauls according to OEM- & customer specifications
  • International standards such as API 610 and ANSI.
  • Providing high quality is priority number 1.
  • The activities take place both in the workshop and on-site.
  • In addition, technicians deployed to all other forms of rotating.
  • All project-based work is equipped with a final report.